What Are The Best Appetizers to serve

What Are The Best Appetizers to serve:

Appetizers are very good to have before a meal. Appetizers make our taste better. Many people have a question in their mind that what are the best appetizers to serve? Well, we have the solution to this question. Here we have listed some of the best Appetizers which will make your taste even better. Then there will be o more questions like the question of what are the best appetizers to serve.

What are the best Appetizer to Serve (Honest Guides):

Everyone has a different taste. So the question comes in the mind that what are the best appetizers to serve someone. Here is a list of the best Appetizers that should be served to the people according to their taste:

  1. Garlic Bread:

What are the best appetizers to serve

Garlic Bread is very fragrant and tasty. Garlic bread is a roasted or boiled bread. It was first introduced in Italy, so it is an Italian recipe. It has a toping of Garlic and Butter, some people also add olive oil instead of butter, but Butter gives a better taste. Here is a full recipe to make the best Garlic Bread:

What You Need(Ingredients):

The Ingredients to make Garlic Bread are very simple and easy to get. You can Get all These things at a very cheap price. What you need is:

  • 1 or 11/2 Teaspoon Of Minced Garlic.
  • 31/2 Tablespoons Of Olive Oil/Melted Butter.
  • 2 Teaspoons of Salt.
  • 1/4 Cup of Grated Parmesan cheese.
  • 3 Table Spoon Of Chopped Fresh Chives.
  • 1 Teaspoon Of Ground Black Pepper.
  • 1 Loaf Of French Bread.

Here are all the ingredients that we need to make Garlic Bread, now let’s see how they are made.

How To Make(Directions):

  • Step # 1:  Add  11/2 Teaspoon Of Minced Garlic with 31/2 Tablespoons Of Olive Oil/Melted Butter.
  • Step # 2: Add 2 Teaspoons of Salt in the above mixture.
  • Step # 3: Now Add 3 Table Spoon Of Chopped Fresh Chives in it.
  • Step # 4: Next Add 1 Teaspoon Of Ground Black Pepper in it.
  • Step # 4: Cute the bread loaf in pieces.
  • Step # 5: Now take a brush, dip it in the mixture that we made, and then apply the mixture on the beard from both sides.
  • Step # 6: Put Grated Parmesan cheese on the marinated Bred Pieces.
  • Step # 7: Now Bake the Bread 350° for about 8-9 minutes and check if the bread is golden then take it out and serve it on the table.

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